Al Madina Collective Agreement

With effect on September 1, 2015 and for the duration of the agreement, Almadina will take over the regulated salary grid of the Calgary Board of Education. 14.4.7 By mutual agreement between the employer and the association, one of the dates contained in this article may be extended. 1. In accordance with Section 101 of the Schools Act, they were appointed to teachers at the Almadina Language Charter Academy on a fixed-term apprenticeship contract. 2.4 Notwithstanding the above clauses 2.2 and 2.3, each party may announce, between 1 April and 30 June of each calendar year, the opening and negotiation of collective agreements in accordance with the labour code, the opening and negotiation of amendments to that agreement and the introduction of new clauses. 15.1 All collective agreements between the parties are repealed. (b) all complaints must be submitted in writing and specify the nature of the difference, the articles of the agreement that were allegedly violated and the remedy sought. When someone asks what we do at Al-Madina Ent, it`s tempting to highlight our three decades of success that have helped turn the world`s big companies into sharper, smarter and better versions of themselves. It`s true; Our mission is to help management teams create such high economic value that we will redefine our respective sectors together. As one of the leading suppliers of IT equipment, computer hardware, accessories, and communications and network products, we have the potential to manage large companies. Like collective agreements, service level agreements and ex-storage needs with the help of well-trained staff, an appropriate storage position and a well-established maintenance and workshop centre, supervised by experienced and professional engineers. 17.1.1 The employer occasionally schedules parent-teacher interviews outside regular hours. Once this has been done, the almadina Language Charter Academy`s annual school calendar will be adapted to ensure that the working day for teachers on scheduled days for parent-teacher interviews does not exceed eight consecutive hours without scheduled lunch or dinner.

2.2 Any party wishing to amend or terminate this contract informs the other party in writing for 60 days and no more than 120 days before the last date mentioned in point 2.1. 2.5 The parties agree to continue their cooperation on issues of mutual interest to include the next round of collective bargaining or the modification of the collective agreement in accordance with point 2.5. 8.2.3 Benefits plans during adoption leave, granted in accordance with item 8.2.1, will continue to be paid by the employer for 15 weeks, pursuant to Article 11 of this agreement. For the remaining 22 weeks, the employer continues to pay 100% of the premiums covered in item 11.4, provided that the teacher continues to participate in the remaining benefit plans: 14.1 A claim is defined as any difference between the parties with respect to interpretation, application, administration or alleged violation of the collective agreement. Any complaint, including the question of whether the differences are arbitrary, is treated as follows: 3. Its use is subject to the provisions of all applicable statutes of the Province of Alberta and the provisions adopted there, such as the provisions that the employer may take from time to time for the administration, administration and operation of schools and buildings under its jurisdiction and the applicable provisions of the employers` collective agreement with the Association of Enhancers Alberta.

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