Vientiane Agreement 1973

The signing ceremony, preceded by the initialization of the agreement on Wednes Day, took place in the huge classical dining room of the modern residence of Prime Minister Souvanna Phouma, on the banks of the Mekong River, on the outskirts of Vientiane. The 28-paragraph agreement will, if all goes well, lead to the formation of the third coalition government in Laos` recent history. She is likely to take office at the end of next month. Made in Vientiane, February 21, 1973, in five copies in laotian language. A copy of His Majesty will be submitted to the king. Each page keeps a copy. The remaining two copies are kept in the files of the National Provisional Coalition Government and the National Political Coalition Council. The prince stressed that the agreement invited Laos to take an “internal channel neutrality” course. The National Political Coalition Council must be an organization of national concord and consist equally of representatives of the Vientiane government and patriotic forces, as well as intellectual representatives committed to peace, independence, neutrality and democracy, the number of which is determined by both sides. It will carry out its duties in accordance with the principles adopted unanimously by both parties. It is responsible for consulting with the National Provisional Coalition Government on the major domestic and foreign policy issues and expressing its views, supporting and supporting the National Provisional Coalition Government and both parties in implementing the signed agreements, ensuring the implementation of national harmony, reviewing and assisting the electoral coalition government to hold general elections for the formation of the National Assembly and national coalition. Detailed procedures on setting up the National Coalition Council across both parties and will be sent to the national provisional coalition government to pass on his majesty the king for his appointment decree. The abolition of the National Political Coalition Council must, as mentioned above, follow the same procedures as its creation.

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