Aiic Gif Agreement

CNA`s agreements with major employers of conference interpreters that benefit both CNA members and non-members apply to long-standing agreements between AIIC and the institutions covered by the AIIC agreements and provide contractual agreements with interpreters, including their pay and working conditions. Anton Klevansky is an independent interpreter and translator (A: Russian and Belarusian, B: French and English, C: Polish and Ukrainian) with more than 10 years of experience on the European and international market. He has worked for a number of international organizations, government institutions and private companies. Irina V. Zubanova is a Russian-English conference interpreter. Irina Zubanova is a teacher of simultaneous interpretation and simultaneous interpretation at the National Linguistic University of Moscow, from which she is a graduate. She also teaches at a number of other vocational schools in Moscow. Zubanova has written a series of books and articles in his field and works at the writing of Mosty (“Bridges”), a journal of professional translators and interpreters. A member of the National League of Translators and the Union of Translators and Interpreters of Russia, she often lectures to her youth audience. Maria did the philology of the State University of St. Petersburg (Department of Romanistics). Director of Japan Translate Ltd, UK. Performer for financial and law firms in the City of London.

has worked for international organizations such as the United Nations, the OECD, the World Bank, the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, the International Chamber of Commerce, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Court of Human Rights, the Sports Arbitration Tribunal and private clients such as the London Court of International Arbitration , the Royal Court of Justice, the East Caribbean Supreme Court Shells, the Royal Courts of Justice and many others. (In particular, Elena was the linguistic expert in cases where Berezovsky and Abramovich, Urumov, as well as Baturina and Chistyakova). She is a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpretation, an AIIC candidate and a member of the British-Russian Law Association. Head of the interpreter team of the Federal Financial Supervisory Service of the Russian Federation since 2010. Team of interpreters Member of the Stockholm School of Economics since 2008. Head of the Society of Petroleum Engineers` team of interpreters since 2014 (oil and gas, energy and utilities). Head of the Exect Group`s team of interpreters, Mini MBA of Professor Anthony P. Hourihan since 2010. Experienced continuous and simultaneous interpreter, English language teacher. Among its main qualifications are the training and development of training materials for conference interpreters.

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