Tied Agent Agreement

If the designated representative is a related representative, the prohibition must prevent the designated agent from acting as a representative of another MiFID investment company or a third-country investment company.8 Where an “investment transaction” refers to a transaction to purchase, sell, subscribe or acquire a relevant security or investment (i.e., a specific investment (excluding a P2P agreement)11. , the burial plan contract, the protection contract, the general insurance contract or the right to participate in or participate in a funeral plan; or 4 The omnibus directive requires the AEMF to publish on its website references or hyperlinks to the public registers of linked intermediaries set up by Member States that allow investment firms to designate linked intermediaries. enters into a regulated credit contract or exercises or has the right to exercise, on behalf of other counterparties, the rights and obligations of the lender under such agreements (under Article 60B (regulated credit contracts) on regulated activities);10 a British investment firm MiFID or a third country investment firm appoints a designated representative who is a related representative or a designated representative of MIFF. , Regulation 3, paragraph 6, of the designated agents` regulations stipulates that the contract between the company and the designated representative contains a provision that the agent may only provide the services and carry out the activities covered by Section 4, paragraph 1, paragraph 29 miFID, while he is registered.18 8Asuite in Section 39A(6) of the Act , a British investment firm MiFID must ensure that the contract it uses to designate a bound agent registered by fcA complies with the contract, the requirements that would apply to persons designated by regulation17 when appointing a designated representative. 4If the scope of the designation under an insurance contract includes the negotiation of investments as an agent, the organization, assistance in the management and execution of an insurance contract or securities advice, the Regulation regulations relating to designated agents require that the contract between the company and the designated representative include a provision : that the designated agent does not have the right or obligation to perform this activity, unless 17 register as an insurance distribution.20

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